Sunday, December 23, 2007

Rocking across the multiverse

Are you blind, or unable to read my terrible handwriting? This alternate text is for you!Kids! Desperate to catch the next Roads gig, but worried you might forget the date, time and/or venue? Well, now there's a simple solution! Simply print out the poster above and ask a grown-up to write in the appropriate information in the handy blanks in the concluding panel. It couldn't be simpler (unless you check the Myspace page or just write it down on a normal piece of paper)!

Enjoy live music performances but loathe The Roads from the very core of your being? Not a problem! In that case, simply cross out every incidence of the band's name in the comic, and replace it with the name of your own favourite band. Hey, presto: an instant piece of iconic music memorabilia featuring your fave artistes!

Are you deaf, or simply feel that music is not valid as an art form? This poster is designed for you, too! Here's how it works: print out the design as described above. Then, simply turn the piece of paper over and use the blank side for writing down shopping lists, important deadlines, obscure trivia - the choice is yours! You're only limited by your own imagination. Good luck!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Is it fan art yet?

'He made my face look like one big freckle!'Or, how a month can fly by in but a heartbeat. Sorry 'bout that. All I seem to draw these days are throwaway doodles in the newspaper (much like this one.) Don't worry, though. It's only when I make a big "this blog is not dead" announcement that you should start panicking. That's the deathly omen, like the month your favourite computing magazine comes out bound together with staples. Or the prime minister only avows 101% support for your favourite politician. Writing on the wall, man.