Thursday, February 28, 2013

Flog the dead donkey

(London, Monday) JIM: ...and then I'll have the beefburger... WAITRESS: We don't have any today. Do you want chicken burger? (Brighton, Wednesday) JIM: ...and for the main could I have the beefburger, please? WAITRESS: I'm afraid we're currently out of burgers. We also don't have any lasagne. Would you care to select another main course? JIM'S BRAIN: Hm! Two branches in a row. Quite an inconvenient coincidence. (Later) Okay seriously, how has that taken me until *now* to figure out?
The great thing about topical humour is the way it is rendered all but meaningless by the passage of only a few months' time.

Wait, that's not great at all. I have got my adjectives in a muddle yet again.