Saturday, March 14, 2009

An engineering solution

SCOUT: Building an enemy sentry in our base? I've got to put a stop to this! Maybe if I go round the other way, I can take it down without straying into its field of view? ENGINEER: Annoying scout! Why don't you just give up? I can repair this sentry as fast as you can shoot it! And every time you have to run for ammo, I can get more supplies from my dispenser! You're accomplishing nothing except annoying me! Now go away! This floor belongs to RED, and there's nothing you can do about it! SCOUT: Are you absolutely sure about that? ENGINEER: What... what are you doing? Don't SCOUT: Thanks. While you wait to respawn, here's a little engineering puzzle for you. If you're so smart, then how come I'm still alive and your sentry's dead?This is a true story. That's what I like about Team Fortress; it lets you tell your own stories. Stories about you killing people.

(I almost couldn't be bothered to add the text, but what can I say? I'm dedicated.)