Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wall of text syndrome

MIKE: I swear it's getting like there's not enough hours in the day to be a gamer. CHRIS: Mm-hm. MIKE: Now all these developers insist on littering the games with secret unlockables, alternative endings, hidden characters and so on... and don't get me wrong, I think that's ADORABLE... CHRIS: Yuh. MIKE: ...but I don't have time to play through the game TWICE to access all the content that I PAID FOR. CHRIS: Right. MIKE: But strategy guides just spoil the fun. The only real solution is to have someone else read along as you play, and warn you if you're about to miss something. CHRIS: Who does that with you, then? MIKE: Nobody. No-one wants to. That's the problem. CHRIS: Too much like hard work? MIKE: Well, that and they object to the term 'FAQ-buddy'.They wear the ear-ring. It is their uniform.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

A rare action sequence

There's no dialogue, and what's left would lose something in the transcription. I will say this, though - it's got to be uncomfortably hot in that suit.Scanner news: I have a new scanner. Rejoice!

Man, that last panel is rubbish; I didn't think it through properly when I was doing it. I should redraw it. I should go and redraw it with a better explosion. It'd make more sense. It'd be something we could some day tell our kids. I'm gonna do that right now.