Friday, May 25, 2007

Brain Dead Fred: Transference

STEVE: It's just through this door here. So I'm new at this; do we pay you afterwards or in advance? HARLOT: You must be joking. I'm out of here, you sicko! STEVE: Oh well. Happy birthday anyway, brain dead Fred.The quickest yet: this one was all done this evening. My evil plan for an artless, Jim-Davis-esque cartoon production line is starting to work! Pity I can probably only think of about two more of these, really.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Brain Dead Fred: Denial

GLADYS: I've brought you an audio book, Fred. It's 'Will This Do?', the autobiography of Denis Norden. You like that sort of thing. Oh, hello, Dr Penrose. PENROSE: Hello, Gladys. Have you given any more thought to what we were discussing? GLADYS: Sh! Not in front of Fred. I've been meaning to ask, Doctor. Have the nurses been washing Fred properly? He smells a little funny. PENROSE: That's because his extremities have started rotting, Gladys.Mankind does not yet possess the technology to draw Dr Penrose the same way three times.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ask not for whom the bell tolls

HI, I... OH, NO, DON'T WORRY. IT'S NOT ABOUT THAT. NO, IT'S JUST THAT I WAS AT THE STATION AND I FOUND THIS WALLET ON THE FLOOR... IT WAS BEHIND A PLANT POT. YEAH, AND IT'S GOT YOUR NAME ON IT... IS IT YOURS? OH, THAT'S GREAT. GLAD I COULD HELP. NO, NO, A GOOD DEED IS ITS OWN REWARD. YOU'RE WELCOME! ANYWAY, SEE YOU.One from ought five, I'm afraid. I'm trying to do more Brain Dead Fred, but am hampered by the fact that I am rubbish at it. Just try to bear with me here.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Got so many people but it's got no soul

Some Pictures is brought to you today by an internet café!

Do you have an exam? Do you have an exams? I quit taking exams after I graduated, but my heart goes out to you, in this post only.
I'm not transcribing the dialogue because it has a swear in it, but this is what the sign says which you can't read. 'CANDIDATES: DO NOT leave the room until you have finished your paper, unless you want to fail or something. DO NOT talk to other candidates or use a phone. DO think before you open your stupid mouth.'Or is your glass half-full, like That One Guy™ (seen here in his student days)?
'Whoops! I seem to have accidentally paperclipped a crisp, new £10 note to my ... oh, well! These ...'Sigh. What is it about the big city that depresses me so? No offence intended to Greater London or its inhabitants, but I don't like any of you.

(If you are a resident of Greater London, don't worry. I probably meant everyone except you.)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Brain Dead Fred: A Cry For Help

The best thing about having brain dead Fred as a friend is that he's a good listener. I've taken up shoplifting, brain dead Fred. So far I've got away with about £60 worth of goods over a three month period. The other good thing about brain dead Fred is that he can keep a secret. Ah, the tales he could tell if he wasn't basically just a human piece of meat on a respirator!I'm experimenting with ways of making these more legible. With quite a breathtaking lack of success, as you may have noticed.

Bonus material: the original, from 2004!
The same, only scribblier.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Slow Wave has nothing to worry about

Once there was a spirit, and this spirit played a trick on God... For it found a wealthy man of debatable morals, and the spirit said to God, 'This man is evil. Allow me to inhabit his soul, and I will turn him to good.' God agreed to this. But the spirit planned to accumulate more souls to this body, to grow in power. He would steal these souls from other humans. He did this by playing a WICKED GUITAR SOLO...This is from a dream I had a couple of years ago. By establishing this I hope to partially absolve myself of responsibility for the quality of the material. It's difficult to transfer the content of a dream onto paper, and probably unwise (well - at least to put it up here, anyway.) This is at best a rationalisation of disconnected, half-remembered imagery, created whilst awake. My drawing special effects budget ran out by the final panel, resulting in the underwhelming conclusion you see before you. Worth it for that solo, though, surely?

(Why post this now? Because someone said they liked that other dream comic. It's that simple, see? It's that easy to dictate the content of this site.)