Saturday, July 22, 2006

Some old and some new

The making of Hitchiker's Guide. 'I am fairly rubbish' - Marvin. 'Such a fitting tribute to Douglas... I KNOW he would have loved it... if you say you don't like it then Douglas Adams will CRY IN HEAVEN' - Sir Badly Drawn Fry. 'At its heart it's a story about a guy... it's a story about being English... um, I mean, being lost, in a world... um, it's... I... I don't know what it's about. Sorry. I don't even know where I am.' - Sir Tim-From-The Office. 'Hah hah! Heh heh! Huh huh! IT'S WACKY!' - Big Namewell. 'I am Bill Nighy.' - Bill Nighy. 'At least I'm not in it.' - Mackenzie Crook.SNAKE EATS BLAIRPARKER: Oh, you have GOT to be kidding! TWO minutes! (Later) PARKER: Bastard! ATTENDANT: ...What? PARKER: I hate you. How can you justify what you did to me? ATTENDANT: Um... I didn't do anything to you. PARKER: Okay, it wasn't YOU, but it was one of YOUR PEOPLE. You're ALL THE SAME to me. You probably KNOW HIM. I know what you're LIKE. GANG MENTALITY! It's inbuilt! You're all intent on making life miserable for us DECENT CITIZENS! Oh.

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