Sunday, December 03, 2006

Red Phoenix Down

-Say, maybe we should fetch Stevo. He hasn't been to lectures in ages. -I'll go. (DING DONG) -Oh, hey, Stevo. Uh, you coming to this lecture? -Umm... it has been a while. Are you sure? -Quite sure. you gonna learn anything if you don't show up, dude? -Learn? LEARN? I've been teaching myself. Teaching myself... to kill! Soon the signs will be aligned, and then they will learn to FEAR MY NAME. A THIRD AGE IS UPON US. -He wasn't in. Let's go.I'm always disappointed with the results when I expend some effort on something. I think this would just about have been worth scribbling out in pencil, but what you see strikes me as a bit excessive. By the second or third time you draw something out it completely loses its spontaneity, which I suppose is a part of it.-There comes a point for all of us when you have to accept that chem eng has RUINED YOUR LIFE... -uh... James... -...IN THE NICEST POSSIBLE WAY.Now this, this was scrawled hastily on some lined paper. I digitally erased the lines, shuffled things around a bit, and bam! This is the one that got in the magazine. There's a lesson here for us all, I imagine.

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