Saturday, June 02, 2007

Back to the smoke

(in car) Fine, DON'T let me in, you thundering GAYLORD... (confronted by charity worker) Dammit, there's got to be SOMETHING smaller than £1 in here... (slogan) LONDON: it's a state of mind!I have failed to comply with the comedy rule-of-three. This is partly because I wrongly imagine my technique is advanced enough to play around with the rules, but mostly because I couldn't think of a third panel. I am sorry.

I am also sorry for my homophobic vernacular and to a lesser extent my tight-fistedness although in mitigation I point out that a beggar had already caught me in his tractor beam and in any case the one who donates the least is rewarded all the more richly by Jesus or so I have read.

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