Sunday, May 18, 2008

In the wake of tragedy

#comedyforum, 08/04/2005
[brain] You should become a priest so you can rise up and become Pope
[brain] then we can make jokes about you when you die
[Zagreb] yes
[SolidJim] Subverting the system from within! Yes, I like it.
[rich_byrne] I could be Pope anyway, no need to be a proest. I fi bribed enough Cardinals to put my name forward
[SolidJim] What would your Pope name be?
[rich_byrne] every baptised male RC is eligible
[SolidJim] Is there an internet thingy to tell you what your Pope name is?
[rich_byrne] Pope Peter Paul and Mary
[SolidJim] Oh, man! I'm not baptised. Will that show up on my permanent record?
[brain] and then you can use your pope powers to kill Rob Power
[SolidJim] Oh, man! I'm not Catholic. Do you think they'd pick up on that in the application process?
[Zagreb] If an unbaptised man become Pope, the EARTH SPLITS

[SolidJim] I drew a picture of myself as Pope being confronted by Satan, but it's not very good.

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