Friday, December 19, 2008

Justified by the medium

CHRIS: Oh, hello Mrs Sanders. MRS SANDERS: Hi Chris. I'm really sorry to do this, but our babysitter is running late, and could you please look after Christopher for a few minutes? CHRIS: Sure! Don't worry about it. MRS SANDERS: You're a STAR. Thank you SO much. I've left a note for when she gets here. CHRIS: It's no trouble. So Christopher, do you want to read a story? CHRISTOPHER: no thank you CHRIS: Play a game? CHRISTOPHER: no thank you CHRIS: Hmm! Guess I'm drawing a blank here. Not got a lot in the way of kid-friendly entertainment. Have I Got News For You is on, but I don't suppose that's really your thing. I know! Don't go anywhere. SFX: THUD THUMP MIAOW CHRIS: (bearing an anvil) Here you go... this always used to crack me up when I was your age.Whoops, I gave them both the same name. I hope no-one noticed.

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