Sunday, April 19, 2009

The adventures of Stlunky

The adventures of STLUNKY. STLUNKY: oh why, god, have you forsaken me? MAN: O SPARE ME SOME CHANGE. STLUNKY: I can do that. MAN: YOU CAN GIVE ME THE CHANGE IN THIS SINISTER ALLEY. STLUNKY: ? MAN: HA! NOW WE RELIEVE YOU OF YOUR VALUABLES *BOOT* *KICK* STLUNKY: oof! MAN: HMM. STLUNKY: ou... ouch. MAN: THERE ARE BUT A FEW PENNIES. HE WAS GOING TO GIVE ME THE LAST OF HIS WEALTH. ... THANKS! STLUNKY: help me.I drew this a few years ago when I used to work in a call centre for two weeks. You are welcome to analyse it and draw conclusions as to my mental state at that time. I await your findings with interest.

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