Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Writer on board

JOE: Ooh, Garth Merenghi! CAROL: Ugh, really? I can't stand that show. JOE: What? It's genius! It's a masterpiece. CAROL: Hardly. It's just a... parody of nothing. JOE: I don't believe it. How can you think that? CAROL: Hey, look, it doesn't matter. If you enjoy it then fair enough. You stay and watch, and I'll see you in a bit. JOE: Hey, you're right. Why should we need to like all the same things? We shouldn't let it come between us. CAROL: Exactly. JOE: I'll just add it on the list of things never to talk about again. CAROL: Oh for god's sake. You don't have to... JOE: On the list it goes! (THE LIST READS: Blacklisted topics. Politics, Religion, Football, Ricky Gervais, Sport, Whether to have children, Reality TV, Homeless people)

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