Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Medulla oblongata, what a wonderful phrase

INTERVIEWER: Question 2 - Why do you like rats? JIM: That's a misleading question. INTERVIEWER: You can't just say it's a stupid question, you have to... JIM: No, I said it was MISLEADING. INTERVIEWER: Oh. Good answer. Okay, question 3 - Is all food eaten? JIM: Erm... yes, because anything not eaten if not by definition food... wait! No. Some food goes mouldy. ...only... that just means it's being eaten by fungus. So yes. It is. INTERVIEWER: Hmm. JIM: So is it true that within this organisation you can never let anybody find out your real name? INTERVIEWER: That's right. JIM: Hey, Gary! (Lucky guess!) COMMANDER: Hah, he got you there, didn't he? Ha ha. Get your things and get out.

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