Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sketch dumping facility

Ought ten is drawing to its inevitable close and I have some leftover doodles which do not belong anywhere else. They are presented here for the sake of completeness. Join me next year when I will be scanning all the random biro squiggles on my work post-it notes and systematically publishing them to universal critical indifference.

I'm concerned. I think that Christopher may be experimenting with recreational drugs! (EXPERIMENT #8)The joke here is not the same joke it was going to be when I started out.

Boring StuismYour name is GONBIR STUSIM. You recently left your HIVE for personal reasons and now reside in a SHABBY HOLE IN THE GROUND. You have no HOBBIES as such but enjoy loafing around the place and doing NOTHING MUCH. Your apathy is such that your BELONGINGS still mostly reside in the TEMPORARY STORAGE RECEPTACLES you used during the move. These are strewn randomly about in such a way to prove an occasional nuisance, partly to you but mainly to your LUSUS, which being a GIANT BLIND CATERPILLAR is not adjusting all that well to the move, tending to BUMP INTO THINGS and generally struggle to navigate.

You avoid contact with the outside world wherever possible, although with some persistence acquaintances are often able to occasion a BEGRUDGING RESPONSE. You are basically a TWO-MINUTE DOODLE who does not in any way warrant such a WALL OF TEXT; furthermore, you are doomed to perish soon in an EXTINCTION-LEVEL EVENT.

Your trolltag is biographicallyHazy and you are by habit a troll of few words.

Partially inspired by/entirely copied from Shadow of the ColossusTrue story; happened to a friend of mine.

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