Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chicka-ba goom wap mace?

I've not been doing any proper drawing but have recently spent some time on Doodle Or Die. This is a web site where one person draws something, the next person tries to describe it, another person tries to draw that, and so on and so forth until somebody draws something racist (because THE INTERNET, that's why).

I felt like preserving some of my doodles for posterity (let's face it, if I don't then nobody will.) The text shows what I had been prompted to draw in each case.

The All-Seeing-Eye stares darkly at our friend, The Lone Indian, while he paddles in his canoe through the bleak and desolate sea.
Bermuda Triangle er uhhh pyramid
people line up for ass whacking
spaghetti on tshirt
Regrettable Pasta
Wizard in rainbow cloak and hat saying "Fuck that shit" (really well drawn)
Gandalf the Rainbow is rejected from a kid's pary audition
hungover harry potter can't read this stupid script anymore
harry pottor getting hit in the back of the head with a book
A daisy flower noms 2 am chilli.
A white flower enjoys a midnight snack of oatmeal
Baby satan
Newborn devil in diaper performing first incantation inside a pentagram
Pirate fail.
A blonde pirate is caught by undercover FBI agents after he tried to sell them pirated DVD movies
parp, parp, that's the sound of the police
Policeman chasing 4chan while playing a trumpet
Sorry for stealing your shirt bro, I didn't know you had that problem with your body.
Joe took off Bob's shirt, and his skin came off too!
A clueless box owl
Tofubird has a question
Zombie crying because he is all alone
Kermit the frog as a human zombie
untrustworthy looking critter
armless animal with sneaky eyes
title says it all
M. Night Shyamalan isn't even trying anymore.
guy takes another guys heart
karate guy is angry
Lazy 4chan meme
(no response was given)

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