Sunday, March 31, 2013

Commerce never changes

On the questionable life decisions of NPCs. GIRL: Hi, are you open? Listen, I know the sign says it's a bar, but I was wondering whether you sell health packs? BARMAN: Sure, miss. Listen, maybe we can do each other a favour. I got a brother in Little Oak Ridge, and I need to get this letter and money to him. I wouldn't stand a chance against the raiders and mutants. If you take this to him for me, you can have a health kit on the house. GIRL: Is... is this a scam? I don't understand why you would trust me with that. You've LITERALLY just met me. What makes you think I wouldn't just keep the money? Or that I'm even capable of getting to Oak Ridge alive? BARMAN: Call it a barman's instinct! You look like you know how to handle yourself out there. GIRL: Really. That's honestly the conclusion you've drawn? That I appear capable of negotiating a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Really.

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