Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Not back on it, Joe. Still on it.

*knock* BOSS: Enter. Ah, Jones. Do come in. JONES: Yes, sir. You wanted to discuss the contracts? BOSS: Ah, the contracts, yes. That was it. The contracts. Now, Jones, I'm afraid you and I are going to have to have a bit of a fight. JONES: ...a fight? What do you AAAAHHKK!! BOSS: Fight back, you pansy!It's time to celebrate! As if anyone cared, this is the 50th post. (NB: This isn't another "nobody reads this blog" joke. It's more a point about the number of posts made to a blog being a pointless basis for anniversaries of any description.) This cartoon, fittingly, embodies most if not all of the principles of this showcase: the picture is scanned at a fairly poor quality, the text is so hastily scrawled as to make it largely illegible, the whole thing was drawn almost two years ago and the joke is lifted wholesale from a Blue Jam sketch.

But! If you really can't read it, or any other cartoon on this site, all you need do is look at the ALT text for that particular image. For in my everlasting benevolence, I have installed subtitles throughout, as a celebration of this august occasion (or because I had nothing better to do last Saturday. Try and guess which one.) Because what better audience for my drawings could there be but the blind and partially-sighted?

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