Friday, March 02, 2007

Everyone's Grudge

The Wild TonberriesYes I know it's awful, but it's been in my head for years. Now I've drawn it and I am finally free.

By the way, is it Tonberries or Tonberrys? I always sort of assumed it was a proper noun, especially since the first one I encountered was a 'Master Tonberry' in FFVII, which sounds like a name, with an honorific and everything. So I was all set to write Tonberrys, except then I found my hand writing it as Tonberries instead. And the internet seems to agree with that, by general consensus. Even though they're not actual berries. They still freak me out, anyway; I don't care how much comedy bumping into each other they do in FFIX.

Anyway, just be thankful I didn't scan the Judge John Dredd picture.

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