Saturday, March 31, 2007

Wild speculation

My name is Squall Leonheart. I had an accident and woke up in Final Fantasy VI. But am I dead, insane, or all three? And why would I want to get back?Yeah, okay, but listen to the theme music from Life On Mars before you call me a liar.

And now that my pointing-out-things-that-seem-like-other-things credentials are established, feast your eyes on this little comparison.
On the left: The Reverend Jack Cheese in The Ren & Stimpy Show, originally broadcast 1996.
To the right: Odin Quincannon from out of Preacher, published 1998. 1998, people.

Exhibit B: The Demon, volume 3 issue 49, July 1994.
GUNN: Get away! BAYTOR: I am Baytor! GUNN: I'll shoot! I mean it! BAYTOR: I... am Baytor! It is not I who am crazy... it is I who am mad!So guess who can't realistically claim never to have watched Ren & Stimpy? That's right, Ennis, your days are numbered. I'm blowing the lid on this thing. I'm going all the way to the White House. You can call this PREACHERGATE.

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Buns said...

Ha, you don't have a Whitehouse in ENGLAND. Take that. Behold my American awesomeness. Now I'm going to go keep black people off my front lawn and shake my fist and those "gheis."