Sunday, April 15, 2007

Know your market

'Assertiveness training' SHEEN: Stop LETTING yourself be a victim, you piece of SHIT! WOMAN: I'm *huhgh* sorry! SHEEN: The price has gone up. Make sure you bring £25 to next week's session. MAN: I... I don't, um... SHEEN: You need to keep coming back because you're still a LOSER. 'And the results can be seen in MONTHS!' WOMAN: I am nothing. Walk over me. 'Success! The student is able to issue clear instructions to colleagues.' STOP BEING SO PATHETIC - Why you are a total waste of space, and what to do about it, by 'Dr' Max SheenThe commercialisation of people skills marches on, but some people are never happy...
Mr T, I appreciate your concerns, but I'm sure you must realise that there is no T in team.

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