Monday, February 09, 2009

Congratulations, everybody!

LOTTA: Shucks, Mr Wright, you done saw right through me again! Well, I'm just a simple ol' gal from the heartland, etc... PHOENIX: Hold it!! So you keep saying. With the court's indulgence, can I press you to elaborate on that? It's confusing enough trying to work out whether we're supposed to be in America or Japan. Just tell the court, Ms Hart... where exactly ARE you from? LOTTA: Well, since you asked so nicely! I come from a little place you've probably never heard of! A little town called... INNSMOUTH...I'm sure by now you're getting sick of reading utterly incomprehensible gaming comics, so today I have decided to include step-by-step hints for understanding the joke. To use them, simply highlight the text one line at a time to reveal it! It should be lots of fun. Here goes!

1) The characters are Phoenix Wright and Lotta Hart from the Ace Attorney series of games.
2) In the game it is only stated that Lotta is from "the heartland".
3) Innsmouth is a fictional town created by racist horror author H.P. Lovecraft.
4) Lovecraft is best known for his Cthulhu Mythos, featuring various extradimensional cosmic horrors.
5) In his story "The Shadow Over Innsmouth", he tells of a sinister town cult, literally descended from a race of supernatural monstrosities.
6) The hybrid denizens of Innsmouth are described as resembling a cross between a human and a fish/frog creature.
7) (In Neil Gaiman's short story "Only The End Of The World Again" he describes them as looking "a little like Peter Lorre.")
8) These creatures are descended from the Deep Ones, a race of dormant gods which will one day rise from the seabed to destroy us all.
9) The unfortunate subtext to Lovecraft's tale is of course an idealisation of racial purity, with any deviation from this depicted as inherently evil.
10) Lotta Hart looks a bit like a fish.

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