Thursday, March 31, 2011

Injuries I Have Narrowly Avoided, episode three

Venue: Leigham Court Hotel, 2006.
A rock and roll moment. Also: contains a glaring historical inaccuracy.
#comedyforum, 22/07/2006
[SolidJim] I broke a hotel TV last week.
[jmwilliams] ah ha ha ha.
[jmwilliams] mmm, go on.
[SolidJim] I said to the manager, "Sorry, I've broken the TV, but I will be happy to replace it."
[jmwilliams] you did not! goodness me.
[jmwilliams] do go on.
[SolidJim] She said, "Are you any good at decoding electromagnetic signals and displaying images?"
[jmwilliams] a likely story!
[SolidJim] That's the punchline.
[jmwilliams] but continue.
[SolidJim] That was the punchline.
[Phil_A] Did you replace the TV?

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