Saturday, November 18, 2006

Don't let the grass grow

Hour 1: comedy hour! ('a *rollercoaster will pull the punters in like THAT!' Heh.) Hour 2: Not-so-good comedy. (There's a proper time for Lovejoy parodies. And it's 15 years ago.) Hour 3: sing-a-long-a-classics... (who kinda looked like Jimmy Carr/ Thy sucked out my internal organs and they took some polaroids/ and said) Hour 4: DISCO SPECTACULAR (kondo ga shitesu atsumareba/ hoshi ni naro itsoku to the sky/ darette toberu no sa/ yozura) Hour 5: TRANCE (Niemand wollte schlagerstars. Lagerstar!) (Why? When will it end?) Hour 6: requiem. (Dear Satan, I've averaged less than 25mph.)Sorry about the godawful quality of the above, but I'm recovering from quite a long car journey. If you can figure out everything I was listening to, I'm impressed. But you still don't win anything.

After journey, attendance of gig!The Roads: Arockalyp... uh, Rock-pocalypse

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