Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happiness is just around the corner

It was the done thing to collect conkers. They were so shiny. How could you resist? In days of yore they had been used for games of skill, but now collection was for its own sake. Competition was fierce. ('These ones are mine!') But I amassed a collection that was the envy of the school. All the same, it was important to keep looking. ('There must be some left!') To come across an undiscovered cache was a fine thing! ('Aha!') But the doubt set in. All these conkers and I wasn't happy. ('85, 86, 87') What was the point? ('Stay away!') Finally, I gathered them, took them to school... and threw them off the banks into the playground. ('SCRAMBLE!') The other kids fought greedily over the spoils. ('Idiots!') It was cathartic, but I didn't feel any better afterwards.

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