Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Got so many people but it's got no soul

Some Pictures is brought to you today by an internet café!

Do you have an exam? Do you have an exams? I quit taking exams after I graduated, but my heart goes out to you, in this post only.
I'm not transcribing the dialogue because it has a swear in it, but this is what the sign says which you can't read. 'CANDIDATES: DO NOT leave the room until you have finished your paper, unless you want to fail or something. DO NOT talk to other candidates or use a phone. DO think before you open your stupid mouth.'Or is your glass half-full, like That One Guy™ (seen here in his student days)?
'Whoops! I seem to have accidentally paperclipped a crisp, new £10 note to my ... oh, well! These ...'Sigh. What is it about the big city that depresses me so? No offence intended to Greater London or its inhabitants, but I don't like any of you.

(If you are a resident of Greater London, don't worry. I probably meant everyone except you.)

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