Saturday, May 12, 2007

Slow Wave has nothing to worry about

Once there was a spirit, and this spirit played a trick on God... For it found a wealthy man of debatable morals, and the spirit said to God, 'This man is evil. Allow me to inhabit his soul, and I will turn him to good.' God agreed to this. But the spirit planned to accumulate more souls to this body, to grow in power. He would steal these souls from other humans. He did this by playing a WICKED GUITAR SOLO...This is from a dream I had a couple of years ago. By establishing this I hope to partially absolve myself of responsibility for the quality of the material. It's difficult to transfer the content of a dream onto paper, and probably unwise (well - at least to put it up here, anyway.) This is at best a rationalisation of disconnected, half-remembered imagery, created whilst awake. My drawing special effects budget ran out by the final panel, resulting in the underwhelming conclusion you see before you. Worth it for that solo, though, surely?

(Why post this now? Because someone said they liked that other dream comic. It's that simple, see? It's that easy to dictate the content of this site.)

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Parad0x said...

Thanks to your running out of real-estate, "Whip crack went his swoompy tale - and the beast was done."

Awesome dream.

Rock on evil demon guy, rock on.