Wednesday, March 17, 2010

History week, week two: Contempt for cartoon elephants


BumpDUM (sic): I'm off to visit my local cult religion! CULTIST: HAIL THE GREAT GOD DUM! DUM: Who, me? CULTIST: Yes! It's written in the prophecies! DUM: What prophecies? CULTIST: Here! ('Buk ov profisys') Ah, here it is... Between 'The Agonians will finally discover fire' and 'An elephant will fall from the sky.' DUM: Who wrote it? CULTIST: The kid next door. *BUMP* DUM: That kid next door's pretty perceptive, isn't he? CULTIST: That's why I chose him to write it! DUM: What next? CULTIST: 'The cracked earth shall crumble.' WAAAA! DUM: What now? CULTIST: Rewrite the book of prophecies! DUM: What, like: 'You appear back up on ground level? CULTIST: Or- 'A moving stairway appears! DUM: Or... a bird brings you back up? CULTIST: I know! 'Someone lets a rope ladder down!!' DUM: No... 'You are hauled up by a big crane!' CULTIST: Or... You fall back up! DUM: Maybe it could be... All your mates arrive to help! CULTIST: Or... You become able to fly! DUM: Or...

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