Friday, January 21, 2011

Les Enfants Miserables

CAMPBELL: So, Snake, your mission is to defeat Liquid Snake... your evil twin! And stop the nuke from being launched. Any questions before we continue the briefing? SNAKE: Yeah... can I borrow those scissors? NAOMI: Certainly Snake, but why? SNAKE: We don't want anyone mistaking me for the leader of the terrorists. CAMPBELL: Snake, our ENTIRE PLAN hinged around you being mistaken for the leader of the terrorists.Much later:SNAKE: Otacon, are you getting this? This is OFF THE HOOK. It turns out there was a third twin: ex-President George Sears! OTACON: Snake, didn't you ever wonder why the President had your exact same face? SNAKE: ...nnnnnnnno.
From now on all of my comics will consist of nitpicking about obscure plot points in decade-old video games. I really feel that this is my strongest material and will lead to commercial success.

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