Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bleak snippets

More recycled drawings, I'm afraid. I do intend to draw something new at some point, possibly documenting the truly bizarre conversation I experienced last week. But enough talk. Have at you!

FATHER: So I don't know why she left us. It's weird, eh? Just getting excited about Christmas one minute and then she disappears; a real let down, eh? DAUGHTER: Yeah. I really hate her. FATHER: Now, hate is a strong word. Don't forget that. But yes, I'd say I do hate your mother.This is copied from a thing on the cookdandbombd forums about overhearing bleak conversations. But then, if you think about it, it was originally copied from real life. Real life belongs to everybody, sort of.

WIFE: How was your day? FOOTBALLER: I got a red card again. How was your day? WIFE: I got a red cardigan.Puns have the capacity to be every bit as depressing as the failed lives of real people. Oh when will there be an end to the puns?

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