Sunday, October 22, 2006

Default settings

Hugglebot v2.0 will hug you TO PIECES"Yeah, so like 9 times out of 10 it boots up fine, but then every so often it goes into this genocidal...
"No, no, that was the first thing I checked.
"No, I don't like to go into the registry, I heard you can really screw it up that way?
"It's not that big a problem but it seems to be happening more often these days, uh. Do you think it could be some sort of, I dunno, software incompatibility, or... uh...
"Well, I just don't want to have to get a new one. It's stupid that it should just go wrong because it's a couple years old. I think I'll try uninstalling the A.I. and then reinstalling it.
"Well, maybe I'll send it over and YOU can look at it? I'm not MADE of money, you know. Goodbye."

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