Saturday, October 28, 2006

I need this on my desk by five

(FOXHOUND HQ) COLONEL: Team, business is slow! But this new counterterrorism product could be our ace-in-the-hole. NAOMI: Snake, it's a tough sell. But these salesmanship nanomachines are your ace-in-the-hole. NASTASHA: mnumnuh ace-in-the-hole nnumnuh MEI LING: Hi, Snake! Caffeine is my ace-in-the-hole where stress is concerned! Ha ha! SNAKE: Hey, Otacon. Did you ever hear of something for the first time, and then you keep hearing it lots of times, even though it isn't new? OTACON: No, not really. (Later...) MEI LING: Have you ever heard something you never heard of before, and then you keep hearing of it? OTACON: Why yes, Mei Ling. Yes I have.This happened to me with, for example, William Shatner's version of Rocket Man. I'm not going to explain any more because it could take the rest of our lives.

In other news, I think we've found our Oh Dae-Su.
Marco Pierre White as Oh Dae-Su (photo)Can 15 years of mental training be put into use?
Marco Pierre White as Oh Dae-Su (drawing)Yes, it can.

(Note to self: It is Marco Pierre White, and he has done nothing whatsoever to deserve such treatment.)

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