Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Katamari, do your best!

#na naah na na na nana nah nah#Picnic kibun, feel so good!

What's that? You enjoyed the gaming reference, but were concerned that it all made altogether too much sense? Very well, I shall see what I can do. Analyse your way out of this.
TEACHER: Look well, girls, for this is how you shall know the sexual predator. Observe the outlandish dress and prehensile tail. PUPIL: But Ms. Crabappletree; Kuja, whilst of the same species, showed next to no evidence of sexual longing. TEACHER: SPOILERS!I'm not saying that sex education is like this, or indeed ever has been. I'm just saying that should it ever become like this, questions need to start being asked in very high places.

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