Saturday, August 12, 2006

Found art

Some stuff I apparently didn't consider worth scanning at the time.

STICKMAN STORY. 1: 'HELLO' 2: 'HELP ME FROM THE DEMONS' 1: *SHOOT* DEMON: 'AWWK' 2: 'HOORAY HE SAVED ME' 1: 'NOW I WILL OPEN A BAR & GRILL' WORM: 'I'M NOT A REAL DOCTOR BUT THEY CALL ME DOCTOR WORM'I have absolutely no recollection of drawing this. It made me laugh.

Reservoir Dogs, only without Nice Guy Eddie because he lowers the tone with his rubbish tracksuit thing.Well, in fairness, that doesn't even look anything like Mr Orange. But it's not that bad, surely?

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