Thursday, August 31, 2006

Petrol station blues

What's this? Actual new material? A cartoon actually drawn now, right now, specifically to post here? Done as best as I can, and it's still pretty much illegible? You'd better believe it.

CASHIER: Pump 3... that's £34.23, sir. GUY: It should be £34.22. CASHIER: Um... I'm sorry, but it's definitely £34.23, sir. GUY: It must have gone up after I left. CASHIER: ...That's really not possible. GUY: I mean I'm not being funny but you've put the price up. CASHIER: Could you please enter your PIN? GUY: You won't change it back? CASHIER: It was always this price! GUY: I mean, I'll pay it, but it seems a bit fishy. CASHIER: Look, why would we want ONE EXTRA PENNY off you? THANK you! Good bye. ME: (THINKS: Jeez, what an obnoxious moron! People like that shouldn't be allowed to shop. Or, you know, drive. Probably.) Just this, please. CASHIER: £14.99. ME: Here. Heh. Seems ridiculous, really. To fuss so much over a penny. CASHIER: Yeah, well, the pennies add up.What's the golden rule? Well, if you're me, the golden rule is never make eye contact with or speak to cashiers. The one time I forget the golden rule, what happens? This, that's what. Last time I forget the golden rule, you can be sure of that.

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