Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lucien P Smith means business

BOSS: Just focus, people. We've come this... ANDERSON: *cough cough* BOSS: Anderson, what's the matter? ANDERSON: It's... *hhMMM* it's this head cold, sir. I can't seem to shake it. *Hm* Um, sorry. BOSS: Not to worry. Happens to the best of us. You stay here; Wilson and I can close the deal. ANDERSON: Thanks a lot, sir. I should be... uh... what are you doing? BOSS: I'm sorry, Anderson. But if you can't remain competitive then you're useless to us. ANDERSON: But... BOSS: It's nothing personal. CAR: *PCHOUM* ANDERSON: AIIIIII RESPIR-EEZE: for effective relief. Because you don't want to be left dead in the water.BOSS: Now we NEED to wow them in the initial presentation if we're to... what's the matter? JANE: It's my contacts! I can't work on the figures any longer! BOSS: *sigh* ...you're dead in the water, Jane. JANE: What..? GUN: *THUD THUD THUD* JANE: *uch koff koff* BOSS: tch. I really thought she had potential. SOFTVECTOR™: Because you don't want to outlive your usefulness.Don't you hate it when you run a search for an obscure phrase and all you find is a blog post that has absolutely nothing to do with it?

These were drawn over a year apart, so please excuse any overlap in material. If they have taught me anything, it's that I totally should have a job coming up with names for products. (Actually, the second one is a joke name: since a vector is a straight line, it's not really appropriate for contact lenses. That's not very interesting and I should have kept it a secret.)

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